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Life is mean to be Lived

I watched the movie Soul yesterday and it should be required viewing for young and old - like Inside Out. It follows a soul through a near death experience (it's Pixar, so you hopefully can pick up the vibe) and tries to convey the meaning of life - so that kids could understand. Wouldn't it be lovely to understand before we learn so many half truths and so many limiting beliefs.

It makes a joke about Purpose and how everyone's always searching for purpose, but that's not what life is about.



Life is meant to be lived.

What a fantastic sound bite. But what if it was the god's honest, downright, absolute, universal truth.

There is nothing else to "do" in this life, except to live it.

There is nothing else to "be: in this life, except to be you.

There is nothing else to "have" in this life, except if you deisire it.

Wait, what? You're allowed to have the things you want? Yes.

That's another absolute truth.

The other day I was talking about how a God who puts struggle in our path as a must is not one that I want to follow. Well neither is one who allows us to desire things and not have them.

These ideas and beliefs are just constructs brought about by some one or some group with really good marketing. Designed usually to keep us in line. Who likes lines?

Not me.

So I'm opting out of those beliefs and deeply feeling that life is meant to be lived.

Yesterday, I had a 'Yes' Day. Designed for kids but equally as relevant to every woman who ever lived. When was the last time you just said, yes to what you wanted all day long? To what your soul wanted. Not your brain, your mind, or your ego - your heart.

Think you won't get any work done or spend a million bucks that you don't have? You won't. Because if there is any sort of contracting energy to it (like over spending) it's not truly what your heart wants. If you were desiring to spend that money, what are you really after? Is it feeling important, or taken care of by someone else? There's other ways to do that. Call a girlfriend who really see's you. She'll get it.

My yes day looked like: lying in bed til 8 watching F1, getting coffee, jumping on the bike, going into work to get what needed to be done, done, writing, watching a movie on the couch with the puppy, having a lovely dinner and crafting until very late listening to music. Everything that needed to get done, did. Because it was an expansive energy to take care of business.

Can you say 'Yes' to yourself for just one day? What if you just said yes to yourself, always. How would your life be different?

Much love,



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