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Letting it all go by

Today is a day where I feel like letting it all go. Not as in, I want to quit everything I'm doing, or burn everything to the ground, but perhaps just let it be. Let everything and everyone around me just, be.

There are days for action taking, for creating things and for making changes both big and small, but not today. Today I will just be. I can feel in my body that, that is what it wants from me.

No, I won't go to the movies tonight.

No, I won't study more today.

No, I won't do more than needs to be done.

Yes, I will snuggle on the couch with my Luna.

In the past, I did not listen to my body when it felt like this. I would push, push, push, do, do, do. There is so much to be done and so little time to do it in.

Does the world end if it doesn't get done? No.

Do you actually ever get to the bottom of your to do list? No. You can't.

If you do, you're dead.

Sounds terrible, but it's true. That's the thing about energy, it never ends. Really, not even when we die (that's a whole other blog post!). So you can't get it done. There will always be something else, something more.

Life will never remain the same, or stay stagnate because energy is always evolving and expanding. Allow it. Allow it to expand and create and show you just how miraculous it can be. That's how you can live in the full flow of the universe. See the wonderfulness that God has created.

Much love,

Jess xo

Ps. The Right Decision, Always is finally finished! If you'd like to learn to connect more into your own inner guidance system, so you know when to do and when to be still, and always make the right decision for you - then check it out. It's free >>

PPS. One thing I am going to do, is go and get chocolate. That there is some wonderfulness!


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