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Do you choose power?

Do you choose to be powerful?

Seems like a fairly esoteric question but I ask you this - do you in any and every moment choose what is true and correct for you?

That is how you become powerful beyond recognition and create the world you want to see.


Except we often have beliefs and fear against choosing what is really true for us. The things that have been put on us by other people - what we should do, how we should behave, what we should want out life to look like. What if you decided, today, that you were never going to listen to someone else's should ever again and in each moment, choose what is correct for you?

Does that mean lawlessness and anarchy? Does it mean selfishness and a loss of love.


When we choose what is true for us, it is usually true for the loved ones around us. Because we are connected. Because we are social beings. Because each of us, is innately driven by love.

Does it mean complete selflessness?


Self. Less. We will never choose anything that enables us to be less of self when it comes from our very own highest good. We might do wonderful good for other people, but that is not self less - if anything it is selfish - it's being the MOST of our self we can ever be. The english language definitions are a smidgen backwards from time to time.

So my question stands, do you choose to be powerful today?

Much love,

Jess xo

Ps. If you feel a little unsure about how you choose, send me a message. I have a free mini course come VERY soon to help you reconnect to your own inner guidance.


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