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You can't get it wrong

I've been in the 'doing' this week. I was introduced to a new program which is allowing me to automate so much of my finance business, that I'm geeking out over all of it. I chose to stay in that place. I could see the benefits it will bring and know I won't get stuck there, I'll come back to being.

And here I am. Deep breath.

This sort of trust in my ability to flex and flow from one state, one business, one task to another without needing to control it, is new. It's ultimately, trust in myself. In knowing that I do have my highest good at heart and I can't get it wrong.

Perhaps that's the biggest lesson.

You can't get it wrong.

Self sabotage.... I hear this so often. "I'm sabotaging myself". Are you? What a wonderful way to put a label on something and not own the actions and distrust them. What if the "sabotage", the time you're taking to do something else really is what you need in that moment. Because it is. What if you relaxed into that. And then what if, when you knew you were procrastinating on something (because you feel it in your body as a contraction) you went, 'ok, it's time'. And took the action you needed to take and had responsibility to the thing - the business, the idea, the family, the relationship, the friendship - whatever it may be.

The relaxing into it, will create and expand time.

It creates space in your mind to think more clearly and be more fully present.

It creates more healthy physiology and calms your body and heart.

And, if is by magic, when you do turn your attention towards the thing that needs to be done - it is done in a heartbeat.

You can't use that magic when you're doubting yourself; beating up on yourself; wishing things were different.

They're not. And they're perfect, just as they are.

As are you.

Much love,

Jess xo

PS. I have infused in this post calming and healing energy, to allow you to start trusting yourself more fully and understand how perfect you are. Take a moment to breathe it in. Can you feel it?


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