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Do You Truly Believe?

Do you have a deep belief that everything is going to work out for you? Do you trust that you will receive the things you desire ?

Manifesting is a popular pastime. Or trend, even. Since the release of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne it's sort of become "cool." But I think there were some really important points missed out in "The Secret". And I don't say that to say Rhonda was wrong, simply it was the starting point.

"The Secret" was a big deal because until that point if you wanted something you had to "make it happen." We've been told, that hard work will get you what you want, but it has proved time and time again to not be true. But if we look at doing & creating as a pendulum, "The Secret" swung it back to the other end of the paradigm - do nothing and it will arrive. "Think" it into being and it will arrive. It does work. As part of a bigger puzzle.

I definitely sat in the driver's seat of my 1999 Hyundai Excel in the basement of my apartment building with my eyes closed, thinking & feeling myself being in a convertible. I've had 3 since then - so it works. I'm also a dab hand at getting brilliant car parks - by far and away my biggest takeaway after reading the books! Though more was done than just sitting in the driver's seat and imagining. And it took longer to understand it fully than it took to get my convertible.

The two missing factors are:

  1. The energy of the thing (like everything!)

  2. And trust.

It is possible to create without these things - 100% - I did. But it's hard work (there's that hard work again) and it didn't stick around. I lost it all because I didn't believe it to be real for me. Let us go look closer....

When you're thinking about manifesting something, or creating your life as you would like it to be, there are two ways to look at it - there is imagining that you have the thing or the life, or imagining how you don't have it. Well duh, Jess, you know which one you'd do, but.... often your energy belies you. We THINK we're focussing on how we want that beautiful car and yet our energy, the feeling in our gut is really focussed on how we don't have that thing. Jealousy at people who do have it, wistfulness at others, hope, but not really fully choosing into it being possible for you.

Abraham Hicks put it in a really succinct manner, it's like having a stick, where the stick is the 'thing" - let's say a convertible. There are two ends to it, one with positive energy toward having the convertible and the other with all the negative energy about not having it. You might be SAYING you're on the positive end of the stick, but your energy is on the other. Why does it matter? Think about how we use our energy when we talk, a simple sentence - "That's Ok". 2 words, pretty clear meaning right... or wrong? If I said it with the happy energy of someone who really does think - that's ok - a happy and bright intonation, it is what it is. But if I was disappointed or sad and had the low inflection of, "That's ok" (Eeyore style) - the meaning is completely different.

That's how important energy is.

No matter what you say and how often you say it.

No matter what you imagine and how you imagine it.

You can't fake energy.

And positive energy is multiplied infinitely by trust. That's how you amplify your energy and bring things into your world faster than you can say, abracadabra!

How do you trust? Believe. Decide and believe. Do you need to see it to believe it? You don't, you can just believe but early on, you might need to, to build that trust. Well, find someone who has what you want and revel in it. See how they obtained it (caveat DON'T COPY BLINDLY - that is not the point!), believe it is also possible for you.

Trust in the universe is like trusting the waiter is going to bring your order in a restaurant. You wouldn't be going back there hassling the chef and the wait staff to make sure they got your order. You sit, you wait, you trust. And it arrives. This, or something better.

And most importantly, you can't get it wrong. There is no "right" way to manifest, or more importantly, there is no "wrong" way. It's all about knowing what you want for yourself and trusting you can have it. Allow it to come to you. Simples. No journalling, mediation or voodoo required. Unless you want to, then do it. If not, that's ok (like really ok, not Eeyore ok).

Trust and believe.

Much love,

Jess xo


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