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The Wholeness of You

When was the last time you felt whole? Complete? If ever?

Can you pinpoint a time? What was happening for you in that moment?

If you haven't ever felt that, why? Why don't you think you're a whole being?

It's very easy for us to create a story about how we self sabotage, or excuses for why we can't do a thing.

But in the essence of you; the realness and complete truth of you.... You can do that thing.

Because you are whole, right now. Right here in this moment. There is nothing extra you need to be, do or have to do that thing.

I'm not saying that those things that have chipped away at you aren't real, or don't exist, or that they don't have an impact on you. I know they do. But it actually... in truth.... doesn't "mean" anything.

As humans we like to make stuff mean stuff. Good sentence, hey? But we do! It helps our brain if we can compartmentalise - issues, moments, words - into neat boxes, otherwise it would feel like our minds were on a constant loop - particularly as women.

But what if that thing - moment, time, outcome - meant something completely different to what, in the heat of that emotion, you made it mean?

I'm not good enough.

I'm not worthy enough.

I haven't done enough.

I just need to.... fill in the blank.. and then..... fill in the blank.

We can hold onto these thoughts forever and allow them to hold us back, or we can change it. Now. In this moment. By deciding.

A life half lived, isn't a life lived at all.

Think about your very best girlfriend. What would you say to her if she came to you with that not enough statement? Now look in the mirror.

You are enough.

You are complete.

You are whole.

You are worth every good thing, because. Just because.

What would you do differently today, if you just decided this right now?


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