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The Stirring

Can you feel it? The deep stirring within. The one that you can hide from, a little, each day, but each morning it comes back up.

A stirring. A reemergence. Of who you really are, not who society says you should be.

You grew up as a good girl. Doing what others said, not rocking the boat, making sure those around you were happy. Always treading carefully to keep the peace.

But now, that doesn't feel good anymore. What felt safe and comfortable now feels heavy; weighing you down.

What has kept you safe and served you in the past will no longer serve you as you move into the wholeness of you. Becoming the version of you that your soul came here to be. Shedding the should's and values of those around you and stepping into the must's you have for yourself.

As you will honour the you who you long to be; who you were born to be; who you are.

Deep down.

In that stirring.

You're already there.

As you sit with the feeling, which can be uncomfortable at first, you can feel it get stronger. You rebel against the labels put on you - "a good girl", "she's so lovely", "she'll help you, she's selfless".

Self Less.

Less of her self.

It is time to be your whole self. Self-ish. A negative connotation created by those who couldn't bear the thought of each of us being so like ourselves we shine. We own our power. Self.

Do you want to be your true self?

I can feel you do. And it's time.

She is speaking to you.

She is urging you.

She is you.

Today, listen. Write. Ask her - if I could do one thing today, that is truly me, what would it be? Sit, until you have the answer. Then act.

Much love,

Jess xo

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