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Love is all there is

Each time I sit down to write, I type around waiting to drop into what it is I will be writing about. What message needs to be shared today. And nearly always, the first thing that comes out is love. So much so, that sometimes, I scoff (often). Really, again?

But at the end of the day, love is all there is.

Love, or the absence of love, in every situation. And the absence of love? Fear.

In any moment, any situation, any second - is there love? Or lack of it?

If this is the only question you ever ask yourself, and you keep choosing love - because it IS a choice - your life will spiral into greater and greater cycles of abundance, joy and of course, love.

Let's look at relationships. You might think choosing love, looks like always choosing to keep the peace, or choose your partner. But that is not necessarily true. Nor is it that you will ALWAYS choose yourself. Sometimes, there is compromise, or giving, because that is what love would do. But is it loving to choose compromise after compromise, putting others needs above yours constantly and always leaving yourself last - absolutely not. In the moment, without the noise of everything else, what would love do?

When you both choose love, magic happens.

When you choose love in your work, magic happens.

When you choose love with your family, magic happens.

When you choose love for yourself, it is the most magical.

And the more love you choose, the more love you will find.

What feels heavy in your life at the moment? Is it a relationship? Or work? Or a friendship? Feel into it and ask yourself, what would love do in this situation?

You'll know the answer when it feels light in your body. If it feels heavy, check and see if that's what you "think" you should do. Ask again. It might not feel comfortable, because choosing love isn't always easy - particularly in a world where we are so divided - but it will feel light. Correct. True.

Much love,

Jess xo


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