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The Shoulds

Why must spiritual people wear crushed velvet? While I sit here watching Younger (finally got into it just when they were releasing the last season) and admiring the designer dresses and Louboutins of the actresses in New York City - it got me thinking.

A few years ago I was told that I was a little too polished to be taken ":seriously" by spiritual entrepreneurs. I did a photo shoot to combat that and this morning I was having a good ol' laugh at the photos with a girlfriend. Some of them are me holding crystals offering them up like Oliver Twist - 'Please sir, can I have some more?'

Who says we can't attract the people we want to attract exactly as we are. That we can't be seen for exactly who we are. May that be a spiritual rebel who wears Hermes and Gucci?

Who says...

We must pray a certain way to believe in god?

Look a certain way to be spiritual?

Be kind, courteous & polite always?

These are things designed to keep us in beautifully compartmentalised boxes to not upset the status quo. To allow "others" to put a little check mark next to "Spiritual" or "Non-troublemaker" in the list in their heads.

But what if there were no others? What if we were all connected (we are) and being the truest version of ourselves allowed them to be the truest version of themselves (it would). What if removing the way things 'should' look, we have an ability to look through fresh eyes at people we perceive as different to us by wwat they say, do or how they live?

Living a "should" life breeds unhappiness and disconnect, showing itself as numbing activities, anxiety and mental illness among many other things.

Is this what we want for ourselves?

It's definitely not what I want.

As I learn to be a more true version of me by shedding old beliefs and paradigms of what makes me a "good" girl/friend/family member/member of society, I know that allows you to as well.

It's not always easy. But it does feel comfortable to be me, in my own skin.

What should do you want to change?

Much love,

Jess xo

Ps. Photo included for a laugh!


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