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The Miraculosity of You

Have you ever stopped to consider the miracle that it is that you're here, alive, in this part of the world, at this moment in time?

About how many different things had to happen over lifetimes, for this to be the wondrous miracle that is you?

How many "sliding door" moments could have happened and your life could be COMPLETELY different.

Or how along the way you made decisions to allow this to be your life, right here, right now?

Does that make you swell with pride? Or does it make you cringe?

If it's the latter, know this: in any moment (like right here, in this moment), you can decide to change that.

You can decide to just be proud. (I'm going to take a few guesses here but I suspect you: have a roof over your head (water, power, wifi!), are making money either through working or a job, you can eat, you have people who love you (even just one) and you have some type of interest that can make you smile. That's a pretty big f$&king deal.)

AND (not or, we'll come to that) you can decide to change the things you're not proud of. Right now.

Here's why it's not "or": if you push against where you are right now, the energy you bring to the changes, will come right along with you. Let's say you're not happy about the money you're making, if you bring the "not enoughness" with you to the next $5k and the next $5k - it will NEVER be enough. If you're unhappy with the communication in your relationship, you'll bring that unhappiness to the next one and the next one. It might be rosy at first, but it'll start scratching through once the shininess wears off.

Can you see where this might have happened in the past? I absolutely did it with money. I was having $7k months, and JUST sliding backwards a little, always wanting more. Over time they grew to $10k, then $15k, then $35k months and yet - I was still slipping backwards. How on earth could 5 times as much still be not enough? Because it's never about the "other" - the number in the account, the partner, the job, the client.... It's always about energy.

So how can you decide right now to change the thing AND change your energy?

Slip down into the wondrous amazingness that is the current situation. The things I listed above are on the "if only" list for a large portion of the world's population. That thing you wish you could change, look at it with fresh eyes.

How amazing that number is, given how far you've come.

All the wonderful things that number brings you here, that you've perhaps taken for granted.

All the very good things about your partner that attracted you to them in the first place.

Make a list. If you want. Or don't. Just think about it and feel it. Really feel how wonderful your current situation is. Just the smallest corner of it, if it feels like a stretch. Because even in this current crazy world, there is a corner of goodness. (Like Facetime or Zoom for overseas loved ones. Imagine if this happened 20 years ago?)

And then from this place decide.

From this place choose your new reality.

From this place, create your world.

Because you are a miracle.

Your life is a miracle.

And you can create miracles.

What miracle will you create today?

Much love,

Jess xo

PS> Yes, I did change that money energy and made $4k months feel abundant. From this place, I was able to make lasting changes to my finances and create the miracles that I desired.

PPS> Also, if you haven't noticed yet, I like to make up words. You're welcome. ❤️


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