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The Lighthouse of Life

For the last little while; let's call it 6 months; I've been relaxing more and more into who I am. To be fair, I've been doing that for at least 8 years if not 30, but this year it's been very deliberate to keep going inward. Looking inside myself to trust; know what comes next and to just be.

I sat down now to write, as I've been doing most days for a few weeks and I started typing that I've been in the 'void'. (I tend to type nonsense for a while until I drop into what needs to be shared today). The void I realised I had been in, was the 'doing' void. Which got me thinking - are being and doing mutually exclusive?

I think they are. Sort of.

Being. Flow. Intuition. Following Soul.

It's all creative energy; feminine energy I suppose in that it is fluid and expansive. It's the place where ideas flow and innovation happen.

Doing. The How. Technical ... stuff. Practical.

At some point, for most of us, we need to move over into the practicalness (that's a word) of bringing those ideas and innovation to life.

I used to focus so heavily on the 'how'. Strategy, making sure there was a step by step process that anyone could follow for just about anything when it came to marketing. But it never really took off for me personally. I knew exactly how to DO all the things; I could do it really well for other people; but when it came to me. Eh.

It's because for me, while I am freaking amazing at mapping out a plan and connecting dots that other people can't see, it does not light up my soul. I got burnt out from all that digital marketing and disappeared completely from the "online world". To this day, data lights me up; but not in a - I want to do this all day every day, let me teach the people how - way. It's knowledge, it's technical. It's learned. But it's not flow for me.

My intuition was yearning for me to listen. To come back to it and follow it exactly to all the things I desired. But my mind thought it knew better.

It didn't.

It knows a lot of things, but not that. The mind is too limited to see the big universal picture of how we all connect together. It can't see how all possibilities exist in any given moment and it takes no time at all to collapse them into reality... if we would just allow it.

When we find the balance of following soul "being" and then "doing" what we're shown to do - that's when we create the world just as we'd like it to be.

Maybe it's like a lighthouse. The light (Soul, intuition, being) swings around and shows us the path and then we walk it (doing) until it shows us the next bit and the next bit and the next bit.

Why do we need to see the whole journey anyway?

There is no end.

And we'll never get it done.

The biggest cliche of them all - the joy is in the journey. But maybe, just maybe, it is.

Much love,

Jess xo

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