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The Energy of the Thing

Exciting things are happening in my world. My Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Admin business is really starting to hit it's stride and it looks like I will be able to bring someone on full time in the next few months. And I feel excited about how I can feel something else bubbling up inside of me, because let us be real, when have I ever just focused on one thing? Side hustles on side hustles!

As it was starting, I was pushing it down. Pushing it down with all my might to stay focussed. Focussed on one thing, just like we're told. It was like this new thing, whatever it is, meant I had to throw out my beautiful growing business, that for once is steady, growing, structured, systemised. I realised it did not and to be fair, I'm a Manifesting Generator, so all that excess energy has to go somewhere.

I must admit that over the years I have judged myself for never really being able to focus on one thing, or how after a couple of years in a job I would get bored. But as I age (gracefully and timelessly of course) I am resisting the urge to judge myself and relaxing more into who I naturally am. Not going to lie, it's still scary AF for me to say these things out loud. So I guess I haven't fully relaxed in just yet.

Since leaving full time employment in 2014 my path has been anything but a straight line, I think more like watching a heart rate monitor would be more precise. Though along the way, each step has taught me something new - knowledge and experience for sure, but about myself as well.

Recently, I was resisting going back to doing some digital marketing for a family member. I'd stopped believing in my ability to do it for services, because it had been years.

Things change...

and was I even really that good at it?

After a little bit of soul searching one night, 2 weeks ago exactly as it may be, I woke up with a drive to dive right in. There was no waiting around for other companies, or outsourcing to people who wouldn't care as much as I did and within 24 hours, I'd built a new funnel from scratch. That new funnel ended up converting at 33%. Turns out, I can still build a funnel.

Is it what my heart desires all day every day? No.

Is it enjoyable for someone I love? Absolutely.

And watching it convert and teaching others within the company to do it has been even more enjoyable. I'm a nerdy data lover at the core still. What it has done is give me confidence in knowing that should something new be brewing inside of me (again, being real.. it is, I can feel it), I still know what to do in the 'how' of business.

Though if I think about it, the 'how' is sort of the least important.

Even perhaps, the 'what' is unimportant.

This is a big change in thinking from the 'how to' girl of 2017.

Don't get me wrong, if the nuts and bolts don't exist, the house doesn't get built, but for me, it's the energy behind the business.

The energy behind anything really.

A skill I've really been able to hone over the last few years and really deeply in the last, let's call it 6 months... Is the energy of the thing.

The business, the words, the relationship, anything.

It can be someone who's chatting with me in person, over a text, or post that someone has posted or even in a photo. Beautifully, my friends have helped me realise when I'm doing this and now I'm starting to recognise it myself, I was completely oblivious before!

Energy is about 90% of whatever it is you're doing, saying or being. 10% is the how.

So you could be saying you want a particular goal, you may even want someone you love to change just a little bit so things would be "better" for you. But if your energy is focussing on the negative aspect of it, or pushing against because you want to prove someone wrong, or as Abraham Hicks would say, focussing on the wrong end of the stick (not having something versus actually having it) - it's not going to come closer.

The kicker?

You can't trick energy.

It knows.

It feels.

Can you feel it? Is there somewhere that just having read this, you can see where your energy isn't really projecting what you want?

Tell me about it. Reach out on Instagram @jegwynne

Much love,

Jess xo


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