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I know. You know.

Nothing outside of yourself will ever be more knowing, more correct or more truthful than you.

I have found myself in the past looking for answers from other people, any other people. Someone who knows more about what life on earth is supposed to be about than me. Someone with more wisdom, more experience, more connection, more intuition. More - anything!

But nobody can be more you, than you. Therefore nobody else has the answer, but you.

Sucks, hey?

It would be so much easier, if somebody could just tell us what to do, so we could do it. There's a billion dollar industry based on that. Because it's easy and we all want the easy way. (I include myself in this!) And why not? Why do something the hard way, if there is an easy solution? I'm all for being efficient.

The only problem with someone else telling you what to do; how to be; what to say; what decision to make; what the future holds is that, it's not you. They can't fully know or understand, what is 100% best for you. They haven't had your past experiences; your ancestry; your education; nor know your truest and deepest desires. They can certainly guide you, give you ideas, open up the possibility that perhaps you've been closed up from. But at the end of the day, when there is a choice, a decision, a move. It comes down to you.

Think about it this way. Basketball players have a coach, they train hard, the coach gives them new tips and ideas on how to be better. They work on set plays, bounce ideas off each other and become better at what they do and how they play faster than if they were on their own. But when push comes to shove; when they're on court; the shot clock is down to the last few seconds and they have a decision to make - they can't time out and ask what to do. They can't sub in the coach. They go for gut. They look inside themselves and take the action they know to be true - in microseconds. It's the same in life. Maybe if there was a shot clock we wouldn't take months, weeks and years to make decisions.

Is there something that you're tossing up right now? A decision that needs to be made? Perhaps there's a little niggly feeling of change that needs to be made but you've been ignoring it because - eh.

Sit with it. Journal on it. Be 'brain' quiet.

Ask yourself - If I knew the answer to this, the answer that would make me the happiest, give me the most expansive feeling. What would it be?

I know you know.

Much love,

Jess xo

Ps. Something VERY exciting is coming. Something that I have decided on and know it was a must for my soul. A space for women to become the truest version of themselves. Reconnecting fully with the enoughness, beauty and wonderment of who they are. But... that's all for now. Watch this space!


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