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I call Bullsh*t

"If there is something you don't know, God will send you the problem, so you can learn the lesson" - and I quote from someone very well known in the personal development space, travelling around the world giving seminars for decades and best selling books left, right and centre.

And I call bullsh*t.

And I'm outraged. Outraged! Well, as outraged as I get anyway.

Do you believe you were given this life to go from one problem to the next? To struggle to make it through each and every day, lesson after lesson. No wonder people are against believing in God. I would be too if that was the plan.

It's not. But this is such a common belief and it keeps us in SO. MUCH. STRUGGLE. That doesn't need to exist.

Let us pretend this was law - LAW. You can NEVER learning ANYTHING unless you struggle with it first. You have to SOLVE something, to be able to know it. How did you learn to walk? With your parents tripping you over, pushing you, making it even more difficult for you to navigate, because you have to solve the problem first. How did you learn to breathe? How did you learn to drive a car? Was it because someone told you someone you loved was dying 10km and driving was the only way to get there - so now go! DRIVE!

No. That's not what happened. Someone you loved taught you. Step by step. Moment by moment. (Or outsourced it to a driving instructor because they were scared - either way!) You didn't have to struggle through it to learn it. And now, you drive, eat, talk on the phone and maybe put on lippy all at the same time.

There is NOTHING that requires you to struggle, to learn. But we do it. Because of beliefs and teachers like this.

But what if today, you decided this was no longer true (because it isn't). And that thing you want to learn, or know - you asked yourself... how can I learn this with grace? If I listen in, do I already know the answer anyway?

Not a single soul was put on this earth with the mandate that they must struggle. That life MUST be hard. Do hard things happen... yes. But it is how we respond that determines how much we struggle and we have complete and utter control over that.

The power exists inside of you, to drop the struggle this very instant.

Much love,

Jess xo


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