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Decisions Decisions

How do you go about making decisions on a day to day basis?

I was just sitting here thinking how I don't feel like getting stuck into my work for the day, but I don't not feel like it. Weird conundrum. So how did I make the decision to just start typing here? It was the smallest whisper that it was time to do this thing.

But I haven't always listened.

Sometimes, I've pushed against what the whisper says and then, just about always, regretted it. I've also in fear gone against the whisper - I have definitely always regretted that!

When I was 20, I was given the (HUGE) opportunity to go and work for the company I was working for in London for a while, help them set up their admin, and the fear said no. I remember driving home thinking, "Why did you say no?? It's a yes! A YES!". I'm pleased to say it wasn't too late and I was able to say my yes and it all unfolded brilliantly.

I haven't always been that lucky.

But here's the thing about making decisions - we're not all designed to make decisions the same way. A few years ago, actually quite a few years ago now, I was introduced to Human Design. I went deep. Including becoming a certified coach. The reason I got so into it, is because it's an amazing blueprint on how each one of us are designed to live our very own lives.

Our way. Not the way we SHOULD.

I felt seen! As soon as I saw my chart, I relaxed into myself. Including making decisions in a split second. My gut says yes, or it says no. Sometimes very loudly, other times quietly, like this morning.

It's also helped me understand my loved ones so much more. And give them the time and space they need to make decisions without getting frustrated that they're taking so long. That's ok. That's the way they're designed to be and I let it ride.

If you can't be bothered getting a chart, (they're free, google Jovian Archive if you want one), then think back to a few recent decisions that felt really good. Were they instant? Or did you take a few days to feel into it? Was it a tiny whisper that felt right? Or did you need to speak it out to someone to be certain. All of these are wonderful ways to make decisions, if it feels amazing to you.

And that last part? It's the most important.

Does the decision you made feel right to you? If it does, perfect decision my love!

Jess xo


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