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Bigger Than Us

Let's delve into what is bigger than us today. There is so much conjecture about this around the world, it's the cause of so much pain and heartache and I trust that one day, as the world keeps rising, the 'otherness' will end. It's challenging to articulate what is bigger than us, I'll do my best, in my language and let's see where we end up.

I was raised Catholic (even went to a Catholic Boarding School) but I always felt a disconnect with the 'commanding God' - stand here, sit now, kneel and most importantly there is good and evil and total damnation. How can there be total damnation if I believe we have more than one life. A few times over the years I"ve gone back to the catholic church when I was searching, yearning almost for what is more than me.

I didn't find it there (with zero disrespect to the Catholic Church, each to their own).

I started saying 'Consciousness; or 'Source' instead of God. Mainly to not trigger people but also because I was still unsure what I truly meant.

Our physical body is not finite. It is not the beginning and the end. There are too many stories of afterlife's and coming back after near death experiences for that to be true. We have a soul and it's my belief that it does not die. It continues to cycle through this physical world as it learns more and more about itself.

I do believe in God, and Angels. I talk to my Angels every day, almost like my 'soldiers' ready to do what needs to be done. We're negotiating on Luna at present 😉 But let's put in a pin in that and circle back.

God to me, however, is loving. Is everything and at the same time is nothing. My beliefs really started to form after the Conversations with God series by Neale Donald Walsch (highly worth a read if it feels good to you!).

Everyone of us is connected, because each of us is a piece of the bigger entity - God. Or you can call it Source, Consciousness, whatever you like. I still don't know what word is the perfect word for me to use for me. When I do, I'll let you know!

It is in Being the bigger pieces of one entity that we can love, and sadly, how we can hurt one another so deeply. The beauty in this is, everyone and everything is a mirror of you. No one is ever doing anything TO you, because in essence, if that person is you, you're doing it to yourself. That can be hard to read, hear and feel.

I get it.

It took me a while too.

Think about this week, did something happen where you thought - I wish 'they' blankity blank blank. What was it that you were missing from 'them'? Let's say the blanks were - I wish they listened to me more. My question to you is:

Where can you listen to yourself more? What part of you are you ignoring?

You can't change anyone else, but you can change the way you feel, think, respond and magically the world around you changes. Because like begets like.

Energy is the same.

If you use the lens this week of - that person is me - see what feelings change for you. See what drops in as a new way of being for you. Both the good and maybe the not so good.

See a beautiful tree? That beauty is in you.

Feel jealous of someone because of what they have? You have it too. (This feels like something that can be expanded more on another day - watch this space.)

Notice the good stuff and know that you couldn't see it or recognise it, if it wasn't in you too.

We are all connected - in science because we're all made up of the same tiny particles; in faith, because of God; in spiritual land because of consciousness.

What do you believe?

Much love,

Jess xo

Ps. Luna, my now 8 month old Bulldog. She is currently my biggest challenge and I'm learning a LOT about myself having to care for another being. Mother's - I don't know how you do it! I'm negotiating with the Angels because I know she's reflecting a bunch of my own stuff back at me (it's all energy - animals do it too!). So, it's never done. There are always new things, but each thing brings more awareness and love and it's tuly about enjoying the ride.


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