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All work and no play....

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

We all know the saying and it's generally accepted when it comes to our jobs & businesses. But what about when we talk about "THE" Work. You know, looking at your shadows and all that jazz.

A lot of Woke Folk (yeah, I said it), wear "doing the work" as a badge of honour. And to be clear, I'm not dissing the work at all. It's hard, it feels gross, but ultimately it's worth it. I wouldn't be where I am today, without having done it and will continue to do so. But what if we get so caught up in the work, we forget to live? Is there such thing as too much "work"?

I think there is. If we continually dive into the shadows, or look in the rear view mirror, we can miss all of the beautiful-ness (it's a word) of everything all around us, here in the present. There could be a fear of - what if I don't clear 'X', the one thing that will get me to 'Y'? And yet, the fear itself is what will bog us down in the dark.

Oron (Channeled through Medha - @oronandmedha) has a simple way of putting it - if something needs to be dealt with to move forward, it'll come up. That niggling feeling in your belly, a recurring thoought, not feeling positive about that area of your life. They're signs, something needs to be looked at. But looking for the sake of looking prevents playing, joyfulness and fun, the true purpose of our lives.

As a recovering over-achieving, people pleaser slowing down to play and have fun can be a challenge for me sometimes. Though I'm remembering more and more and magically, with less work, areas of my life are improving exponentially. I'm still working on - scrap that - playing with what I find fun but crafty things, playing with the puppy, and re-downloading the Sims is getting me there. What do you find fun?


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