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When Negative isn't Negative

Have you ever hated that you felt angry or frustrated? Maybe bitter is your thing. A "negative" emotion... but they're not all negative.

Have you ever heard yourself say "I just wish someone would just tell me what to do!" or show me a f*king sign! These are what your emotions are all about. And so often we ignore them and try and push them away.

Your emotions, your feelings, are your guide on what to do next. Are you on the right path? Are you listening to your intuition? The answers are all there right inside of you.

This morning, I was feeling angry. Super easy to write it off as the first day of my period (because it is and I'll be eating chocolate later, don't you worry!), but I knew it was deeper than that. It was irking me and it would do me more harm than good to ignore it.

So I took 2 minutes (I know this because it's the time it took to heat my breakfast) to investigate what it was all about.

My anger, when I really asked it what it was, was about not being listened to. Not being seen or heard. I felt these external things that were happening to me was people ignoring me. And then I also realised that the dream I was having this morning about being in a coffee shop and not getting a table, was the exact same feeling - I just carried it into my waking life.

So the real question then is - where am I not seeing or hearing myself?


Last night, instead of writing out what was inside of me and putting it here on the grams, I played Fishdom. Yup, my nights are THAT exciting. A mind numbing yet outrageously addictive game instead of listening to my soul.


So here I am. Taking action on that. Allowing myself to be seen and heard by firstly myself, and then the world. Is that scary? F*k yes. Is this the stuff I normally talk about in large forums and not in my private circles, absolutely not. But I guess it is now.

I could have ignored the anger. I could have focused on it and carried it through the day, blowing up at the smallest things. But I listened to my inner guide post - and sorted out WTF was going on, so I could move forward into more expansive emotions - like peace.

"Negative" emotions, really are only negative if we allow them to continue and take over our day. If we see them for what they are - instructive on how you're acting versus how your soul wants you to be "being" - then they're pretty powerful.

When was the last time you felt an instructive emotion? What did you do about it?

Jess xo


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