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Strike the Match

I was just filming the video on emotions for my new mini course coming up (yes, exciting!) and I nearly starting crying halfway through (classic Jess!). The reason I nearly started crying was that I understand how powerful it is when we connect with our emotions and intuition and make decisions from there and I wish I could magically transfer that power from me to you.

That somehow I could instantly demonstrate for you, how elevating it is, when you feel your emotions instead of hiding from them. When you listen to them to make decisions and trust what they tell you.

From such a young age we are taught to disconnect from our emotions. Boys - don't cry, be a man! Girls - you're being hysterical, calm down. So we do. We shut down the connection to our emotions and start brilliant numbing behaviours - like shopping, scrolling, TV, playing games on the phone. And a dull ache begins. Deep in the pit of your stomach.

Surely there is more to life than this.

Then you wake up, go to work, do the things and repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat.

There may be moments of sunshine. Perhaps even literal sunshine - a beautiful day, that reaches that part inside of you and you feel connected to it for a moment. Then life sets in. Or a child laughing. Grass, freshly mown. Visiting somewhere that makes you realise just how much more there is to this world than you see every day. All little sign posts back to that feeling inside of you - that connection that you have long since forgotten.

It doesn't need to be this way.

Yes, there is more to life.

And actually, it's simple to find. But it's not easy. I mean, it gets to be easy if you allow it. But will you allow it?

Will you allow yourself to feel? To feel sad. Disappointed. Angry. Be with it and allow it.

And will you allow yourself to feel truly happy? Grateful? Blessed.

You feeling positive things won't make it worse for anyone around you. Quite the opposite. It's like you lighting a candle; you light the way for you and those around you benefit too.

Are you ready to strike the match?

Much love,

Jess xo

PS> If you want to explore your emotions further and how they relate to your intuition; that is, having the ability make the right decision every freaking time (sounds pretty good right) - as in, you literally can't get it wrong - then message me. The free mini course is on its way and you'll be the first to know!


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