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What type of love?

Love comes in so many different formats. Parental love. Sibling love. Romantic love. Friendship love. The love of an animal. And yet, it all comes from the same place. And when there is love, there is not fear.

Fear is the lack of love.

You cannot love and fear at the same time. Even if you have a partner who you love deeply, so deeply it hurts. It's the fear of losing them? ..... that is driving you. When the fear is greater than love, contraction is happening. It is no longer expansive.

Love is an expansive feeling inside of you. The easiest way to feel this love purely is to think of a baby you love or a puppy. The love of these innocent beings is so pure, so unconditional that you can easily feel what it does to your body.

Can you feel it? Like a warmness that spreads from your heart into the rest of your body.

That love is available in every type of love we have. When no conditions are set. When there is no if's, buts or when.

Even for ourselves.

When was the last time you felt that kind of love for yourself. Your heart. Your Brain. Your body.

Am I right in saying it's been a while?

What's standing in the way of you loving yourself like this? What if you were perfect and deserving of this kind of love, just because you are.

Because you are.

When we can love ourselves so fully and so freely, we allow others to do the same.

No one can love us more than we love ourselves.

It's an ongoing lesson for me. But each time I remember it grows a little more and a little more.

It then allows me to look at others with the same kind of openness, unattached, pure love.

The same is available to you. Think of each of the places where this is love for you, feel in... is it expansive love? Or is there a contraction there?

So much love,

Jess xo


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