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The Centre of You

There is one guiding principle in each of our lives. And it's not anywhere outside of us. It's so easy to look to a coach, mentor, parent, religion - anything at all and just ask for the answer.

But that's not truly where it is.

Don't get me wrong each one of these people or organisations can play beautiful roles in the guiding and shaping of our lives. They offer great wisdom, comfort, ideas and sounding boards. But they don't have the answer. The true answer you're looking for.

Not even 'because I said so' - classic parent line. It would be so nice if it were true.

But really, the answer you're looking for is inside of you.


Waiting for you to stop.

Stop thinking.

Stop weighing things up.

Stop gathering opinions.

Stop doing.

And listen.

Because there, in the stillness, after you ask the question, lies the answer.

You might doubt it at first. We all have. But it is true for you, because it is you and therefore it is correct. It might not be the answer you wanted or were hoping for, so you might dismiss it. That will be ok. For a while. And then it will be back, knocking on your internal door, asking to be let back in.

Will you be brave enough to answer the door?

Are you brave enough to stop and listen?

I think you are.

Much love,

Jess xo



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