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Enoughness is a Choice.

Within the Thought Seeds Facebook Group we're discussing going from "I'm not enough" to "I am enough". We're reading David Hamilton's I Heart Me and expanding our thinking on it. The question I have just posed to the group is - where do you decide today you are enough?

Seems too simple. Right? Well, it really does get to be that simple.

The idea of faking it til you make it, is a good one, and has proven to be useful... over time. But why must we take time to learn anything new? To change a behaviour? Time is a construct and as quantum physics tells us, any possibility can be reality at any given time, if we choose it. So let's stop pretending things MUST take time, when we can CHOOSE differently.

It can be challenging to get your head around- it certainly is something I still am getting my head around in some places - like buying my dream beach house. But I keep choosing in to what I really want to create and have in my life.

The premise of faking it, means that we don't actually believe it. So not believing in something being possible is ALWAYS going to take FAR more time than making a decision. And you can decide.

Today. I could decide that I am going to have new hand writing. So I begin writing in a new way. Then I might forget and revert... but I notice (this is key) and choose back into the new way, again and again. And then all of a sudden it's natural.

If I fake it, if I say, yes, I can write in a new way, but don't ever actually decide to do it. It'll take a bloody long time to change it over. It might happen. It could happen. But in how long?

I don't know about you, but I'm impatient when it comes to my desires. When it comes to a way I want to feel, or be or to have.

So today, with your enoughness, I want you to consider and area where you feel a little.... less than.

What if today, you decided that you just were enough? That what you do in that area is perfect for you and other people's judgement, your comparisons, your fear of fully stepping into it, just didn't matter anymore?

How different would life be? Write it down, get it out on paper.

And then decide. Choose that's the way it will be and act from that place.

Tomorrow, choose again. And again. When you choose, you believe.

Do you believe?

Much love,

Jess xo

Ps. Getting everything in place for my exciting new membership, coming to the tinterwebs. Watch this space!!

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