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Absolutely, not Impossible

What is something you want to do, that most people think is crazy? Or not possible? Or only 'special' people get to do it? You know, people not like you?

I'm here to tell you it's absolutely possible. If you needed a sign, this is IT!

There is a lot of things in my life that would seem impossible to other people. Really only working 10 - 15 hours a week and earning a quarter of a million dollars last year. I even find it a bit weird to say that out loud. Like it's not "how, it's mean to be" so how dare I tell people my dirty little secret. As though, if we were in the 'olden days' we'd be burned at the stake for taking impossible things and turning them into reality.

But it's exactly what I wanted. I want to have financial freedom and also the freedom to do what I want with my time. Like to write (as it turns out); see my friends; take my dog for a walk; chill on the couch if I'm feeling like a bear. Choice.

And all of that without having to sell. Heaven!

Perhaps 10 years ago, I would've thought it was a pipedream. But here it is. Here I am.

Now, the next "impossible" thing I'd like to do is just have conversations with people and be able to grow, whatever this side of business will look like. And just be able to write and magically have the women turn up who want to work with me.

Is it allowed to be that easy?


If someone is already doing the "I'mPossible" thing you want to do, I want you to know this - there is nothing special about them. They don't have any more special gifts that magically make it available for them, that you don't have. All they did was this:

They said yes.

They said I want to do that thing...

I know it to be possible...

And they allowed it to happen.

What's your impossible dream?

Much love,

Jess xo

PS> I'm in the process of hiring someone who's specific job will be to find me spots on other people's podcasts. So All I have to do, is turn up and have a conversation about what I love to talk about. See.... possible!



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