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Book Your Ticket

Where are you holding back?

Is there somewhere in your life where you have decided that it's easier to just do as everyone else says? Don't rock the boat. Keep it all calm - it's easier that way?

I know there is. How does it feel when you think about that area of your life?

Does it feel like a little ache in the pit of your stomach? Does it make your shoulders tighten? Would you prefer not to think about it?

That's ok. It is easier not to think about it. Until that little ache becomes a daily ache. And your shoulders are so tight even weekly massages don't do anything for them. Then it makes me wonder, why stay in the pain?

The thing about keeping things "comfortable" is that it is rarely actually that - comfortable. It's familiar, yes. But when you feel those things, do you feel comfortable?

It's a nifty little trick by the mind to keep things as they are. Keep you safe. The mind doesn't like the unknown. So why go there?

Let's look at it this way. You want to go on an amazing holiday to a Tropical Island (oh the days!), you're tired, you need a break. But you could go without this holiday, if you really had to. It's a luxury, not everyone is allowed to go on holidays to wonderful places (particularly not right now). And you also have to travel to get there. Let's say 12 hours on a plane. In a teeny tiny seat, that remains basically upright for the overnight flight. But that's ok - because you know what's on the other side. You can get through those 12 hours because you know - paradise!

Your trip then gets delayed a month. Well, that's fine. I was really looking forward to it, but that's ok. And then a year. (We're talking 2021, right?). Still ok. Paradise is there, yeah, you're tired, but you're ok. Paradise can wait.

Finally, the borders are open, the time comes. The 12 hour journey looms. It's not brilliant, it's not entirely comfortable, but you'll get through it. On the flight, you hit a bit of turbulence - that's no fun. A bit scary actually, but you know it'll end and that you're safe. And it does. You land.

Paradise. You look back and you wonder what you were so worried about on the flight. Even the turbulence wasn't that bad. And here you are.

This is what stepping up to the plate and being fully you, looks and feels like. You can trundle along in "tired" comfort until you're ready (or the borders open. But the good thing here is, you get to decide if the borders are open or not). It's not bad per se, it's ok. *shoulder shrug*

But when you do decide...

And you step on the plane... which you know is not going to be entirely comfortable...

But, you also know,

you will land.

And it will be paradise.

There is nothing more beautiful, more "comfortable" more precious, than you being fully you.

Let that sink in. The paradise of you speaking your truth. Doing what you love to do. Being with the people you love... There is nothing more magical than that.

Can you feel it?

Book the seat to your very own paradise.


Much love. So much love,

Jess xo

PS> If you would like the journey back to you to be with me, (I'm a wonderful travel companion - promise!), I have a free mini-course coming out to help you reconnect to your intuition so you can make the right decision, always. If that sounds amazing, message me.


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